ALL TRANSPORT over your pass’s route, whether in our own buses, public buses, trains or boats – in one direction, once.

WE INCLUDE MANY LOCAL ACTIVITIES – wine tasting, walks, swimming holes, a wildlife centre and kayaking. We give you time to do them through the travel days so you don’t have to break your trip to do the simple things.

PASSES ARE VALID FOR UP TO 12 MONTHS You can hop on and off anywhere over your route, stay longer and jump back on the next Loka travel day when you’re ready.

WEB-APP (MOBILE WEBSITE) You get a login to our web-app to manage your pass. Book on and off your transport; book, rate and review, and get great deals on accommodation and activities.

ALL TRIPS ARE GUIDED BY LOCAL CHARACTERS The driver is the guide on our own bus sections; the guides travel with you on other transport. They are there to help you get the most out of your trip – point you in the right direction, find wildlife, teach local dance moves…

LIKE-MINDED TRAVELLERS Loka is about adventure and getting involved. We don’t define by age but our trips are quite active. We get travellers from all over the world, people travelling by themselves, couples and groups. Our average group size is 15 – 20, so you aren’t part of a crowd but always have people to share things with if you want.

AMAZING TRAVEL ROUTES We go off the beaten track whether in our own buses or on public transport (where we have local connections to get us out to where we want to go). We actively go out of our way for unique, local activities and attractions.

EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES We work with locals to find and develop local experiences – you can still access Great Barrier reef trips, Whitsunday Sailing, Fraser Island, skydiving and bungy jumping from our trips (additional cost) but you also get to access Loka’s unique experiences such a rainforest experience, camping under the stars at an Aussie farm and our tipi camp.


You can stay on one trip with the same group and travel in the minimum time for a tour-type experience or spend longer by getting on and off the bus/train at different places.

Check out the days, locations and times Loka departs here


+  Passes are valid for up to 12 months from your date of departure. You can hop on and off anywhere at any of our overnight stops and key activity stops for the total validity of the pass. You have up to 12 months from your date of purchase to start your Loka pass. 

+  Travel is in our own 24 seat mini coaches between Sydney and Noosa/Rainbow Beach, and local bus and fast trains (with toilets, showers and a dining carriage) between Rainbow Beach/Noosa and Cairns.  We also include the return ferry to Magnetic Island in northbound passes.

+  Our guides travel on all routes on the set departure days.  You can travel on the train on other days without a guide, however you can only access our unique transfers and activities when travelling with the guide.

+  There is a minimum of 3 departures per week (up to 5 in summer) over all routes. For specific departure days and times please see our timetable below.


We have made a list with our recommended activities including Fraser Island tours, Whitsunday sailing trips and more that you can add to your Loka pass if you wish!

Click here for an overview of our recommended activities and book with Loka to get special deals on these activities.

Check the Loka web app, ask your guide or email us at for our Loka prices!


Accommodation and food are not included in your Loka pass.  All of our accommodation options in our set night stops and our recommended activities can be viewed and booked through our web app or booked through your guide.

ACCOMMODATION Hostel options range from $24 per person per night up to $180 per person for private rooms. Book ahead via our web app or our guide can help you book and you just pay as you go (we recommend booking at least a week ahead in peak times). At our main unique stops there is a set price for your accommodation and meals (and activities where applicable).  To see a list of the places we stay for each pass and place, check out the ‘ITINERARY’ on a pass page for info under each travel day on where we stay that day i.e. The Mick Sydney to Cairns Pass.

EATING You can organise your own food (by yourself or with the group) at most stops, however at Loka’s main unique stops your meals are included with the night’s accommodation in a package price (vegetarian/gluten free options available).

** Our trips are pretty active; you’ll need a day pack to carry the essentials during activities and walks but you won’t have to carry your backpack/suitcase that far.


√  A backpack or small/medium suitcase filled with…

√  Your clothes – mainly light but also at least one warm item

√  Swimsuit / Towel

√  Bug repellent

√  Sunblock / Hat

√  Day pack

√  Water bottle

√  Waterproof jacket (shell)



–  Sleeping bag, sheets or blankets, pillow


Please view the Loka Terms & Conditions here.


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