The Amazing Great Barrier Reef

By Loka guide Jordi

Despite being one of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of the top reasons to visit Australia, most people don’t realise just how huge the Great Barrier Reef is.

Great Barrier 3

Stretching all the way from the tip of Queensland down to just north of Bundaberg, it is the only living thing on Earth that can be seen from space. It measures a whopping 344,400km2, and is the largest and most complex natural ecosystem in the world. It is home to more than 600 different types of coral, more than 100 species of jellyfish, 1625 types of fish, 133 types of sharks and rays, and 30 species of whales and dolphins. To put the Reef’s size in context, we often make these comparisons. It is:

– Longer than the Great Wall of China

– Bigger than the Australian States of Victoria and Tasmania combined

– Bigger than the UK, Switzerland, and Holland combined

– Roughly the same size as Japan

Great Barrier 1

The Great Barrier Reef received world heritage status in 1981 and was the first coral reef ecosystem in the world to have this distinction after meeting all 4 of the world heritage natural criteria. The top destinations to visit the Great Barrier Reef are Lady Musgrave Island, the Whitsundays, Cairns and Port Douglas but there are many more including the Keppel Islands and Magnetic Island. You can access these all of these places with a MICK, TREV, CAM, KAT, or STU pass.