Airports in Australia

When flying into Australia, you have your pick of a few large airports, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide, and the fares don’t vary greatly between the different airports.

Sydney is a great city to fly into, as it draws in travellers around the world to visit the iconic Sydney Opera House. You can also take day trips from Sydney to visit the Blue Mountains, learn to surf, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge or even go skydiving.

If you need to stay overnight at an airport, Melbourne might be your best connection option. Voted Australia’s best airport, Melbourne does not have a curfew; it operates 24/7 so you can curl up and have a snooze without having to leave the airport.

From Melbourne you can take an overnight bus or train to Sydney; you’ll leave in the early evening and arrive in Melbourne just in time for breakfast the following morning. The bus/train costs less than a night out on the town so they’re a great express, budget option.

If you plan on travelling to Asia or the Pacific Islands after you’ve visited Australia, it may be best to end your trip in Cairns. One way flights from Cairns to Bali, for example, can cost as low as $100AUD one way, depending on the time of year.

While in Australia, try to avoid flying during school holidays, or holidays in general, as the busy seasons drive prices up on domestic flights.  The cheapest internal flights are usually via Tigerair, Jetstar or Virgin Airlines.

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