Drumroll please… Loka is pleased to announce the launch of our new favorite stop – Emu Park! Although we’ve been going there for some time, we’ve brought in an awesome new addition and we feel it’s worth raving about…

But first here’s a refresher…
A cool coastal town in the centre of Queensland, Emu Park welcomes our travellers with open arms. With endless hospitality, awesome facilities and friendly staff (who mostly have been Loka travellers themselves) this place is a travellers haven.

Being in Queensland, the sun quite literally always shines which is perfect for chilling by the pool and catching some rays, enjoying some bare-foot lawn bowls over the road or taking a scenic walk to Bluff Point to spot some turtles. If you’re a wildlife lover then head to the crocodile farm down the road and meet these amazing creatures first-hand, even hold a baby one (because Koala pictures are so last year)! 





This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for!  Imagine jumping on a boat, speeding across crystal seas and washing up at a remote, tropical island located at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef… sounds dreamy right?  Well it’s just come true as you can now visit Great Keppel Island when you join us at Emu Park – woo!

Home to 17 beaches, awesome bush walks and underwater visibility as far as the eye can see, Great Keppel is paradise… 100%.


Spend your day snorkelling around the reef, taking selfies and making your friends the most jealous people in the world.  Most importantly though, you can take part in the Great Loka Treasure Hunt, navigate the map and complete the challenges for a true prize worthy of our legends.  We’ve created the perfect package deal for your stay at Emu Park which includes ferry transfers to the island, scenic hikes, meals and accommodation!  Check the details out here. 

Loving the sound of this tropical treat? Be sure to jump on our Mick, Stu, Kat, Trev or Cam pass as you’ll have the chance to head here whether you travelling through north or south – yew!

The latest customer feedback,
fresh off the ferry…

“.. we took the ferry to Great Keppel Island and went snorkelling – my first time actually, and it was an unforgettable experience. We were even lucky to spot two turtles. 🙂  I really enjoyed the stay in Emu Park because it felt like a holiday within our vacation along the East Coast.”  

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