While Spot X Surf Camp Australia’s gentle waves are undoubtedly one of the best spots in Australia to learn to surf, there’s plenty more that the surf retreat has to offer. For those of you who think the ocean should be left to the sharks, here are some of the best activities on offer.

Spot X Surf Camp Kangaroo Golf




You might have played golf before, but have you ever played it surrounded by kangaroos? Welcome to Spot X Surf Camp Australia’s kangaroo golf, one of the most fun ways to meet skippy.


If you’re not super coordinated on a surfboard, surf rafting at Spot X Surf Camp Australia might be for you. You’ll ride waves in a raft with spills, thrills as you fly through the air into the crashing waves.


There’s nothing quite like relaxing by a campfire with the sound of the ocean behind you and a blanket of stars above. Add in your drink of choice, the company of all your new friends and sand beneath your feet and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable setup.


Speaking of sand beneath your toes, there’s no better place than Spot X Surf Camp Australia to top up your tan, finish off that book you’ve been reading or just relax on the beach as you watch your mates fall off waves. If you’re not into sandy feet, there are plenty of hammocks laying around just asking for you to fall asleep in them (with sunscreen on of course!).

Loka visits Spot X on the following passes:  Mick, Greg, Nat, Trev.  If you don’t want to surf but do want to stay longer, just book one of their Surf & Play options through your Loka guide or email yo@loka.travel.