Top Things to Do in Oz


By Neil Geddes

Ok I’m totally biased as I put together the Loka itinerary – so obviously all of these things feature in our itineraries.  But I really think that you miss out if you don’t do the following during your east coast trip (and my reasons why):

1. Ride an inner tube down the Barrington River

What’s not to like about riding an inner tube down a river with gentle rapids. It’s close to Sydney but is stunning Aussie countryside – great bush, wildlife including kangaroos (everywhere) and platypus (if you are lucky).

Passes that go to Barrington Tops (Note: tubing is not included in your Loka pass and costs $28):
MICK Sydney to Cairns
GREG Sydney to Brisbane
NAT Sydney to Byron Bay Return

2.  Learn to surf at Spot X.

You have to do at least one surf lesson while you are here, though a Surf &Stay will help you really learn to surf. It’s so Australian and there is no better place to learn.  Great instructors, a sheltered bay and gentle, rolling waves that you will have mostly to yourself.

Passes that go to Spot X (Surf Lessons/Surf & Stays are additional):
MICK Sydney to Cairns
GREG Sydney to Brisbane
NAT Sydney to Byron Bay Return
TREV Cairns to Sydney
DAN Brisbane to Sydney

3.   Jump into Angourie Blue Pool (which is actually brown).

It’s an old quarry 100 metres from an amazing coastline.  A deep fresh water pool. What more could you need.  Some travellers told me recently that it was the best thing they did on the coast.

4.    Spend a night in a remote Aussie pub.

$5 steaks, cheap jugs of beer, ‘interesting’ locals, great conversations.  There are two great options on Loka’s route – one in Ulmarra (winter only) and one at Tully.

5.   Spend a night in the Aussie Rainforest.

I would argue that it’s the world’s best.  Protected for over 25 years.  Amazing plant life, mind-blowing insects (really), crazy wildlife (Cassowary or Tree Kangaroo anyone).  It’s even better if you do it with the traditional owners and learn about their amazing culture as Loka does near Tully.

Oh ok – I have six…

6.    Spot rare wildlife at special moments in its natural habitat.

Such as the turtles hatching and heading into the sea – as we get to do at certain times of the year at Emu Park.