Top Tips For Packing

Top Tips For Packing

By the Loka Team

Packing before you start your trip with Loka should be exciting rather than stressful so here’s a short list of what we recommend you bring with you and some tips on how to pack more easily:

  • First, you have to pack the essential: your clothes!  Depending on the weather were you’ll go, take warm or light clothes. If you’re travelling to the North (Queensland), it’s always pretty hot, so don’t forget to bring some shorts and t-shirts. In the South (New South Wales), it start to be quite cold from June – September.  The key is to have layers – at least one pair of long pants, shorts, multiple t-shirts/singlets, sweatshirt/hoodie, light waterproof jacket, underwear, swimsuit and towel.   A sarong/wrap is always good for travelling to and from the beach, as a towel or wrap.
  • Take flip-flops for the hot weather and good/comfy sport shoes for walks.
  • Backpack or suitcase?  Ideally we recommend a backpack but if you bring a suitcase that’s fine as long as you can carry it.  You won’t have to walk miles with it but you’ll still need to manoeuvre it on and off buses and trains by yourself.  We also recommend a day pack, which is a smaller backpack that you can keep your camera, water bottle, snacks, swimsuit and towel for day excursions.
  • Loka guide Charlotte recommends travel cubes to keep your backpack well ordered. She has tried a lot of different techniques like to roll all of your clothes but the best one (the one that let you bring the most of thing in the less place possible) is the travel cubes one! You can find travel cubes almost everywhere (luggage stores, K-mart, Target,… for about $25 for a 3 pack). Inside the main travel cube she can store 1 jeans, 1 exercise shorts, 1 jeanie pants, 9 t-shirts, 1 cardigan and 2 dresses. You can use another one for general medication and hair accessories.

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  • In Australia, the sun is extremely string. At any time of year you can be badly burnt by the sun – please bring a hat/cap, sunblock and sunglasses.
  • For anyone who gets car / sea sickness Charlotte always carries a pair of sickness bands (sea-band) for the rough journeys. You can pick up a pair at any pharmacy for approx. $15-$20
  • We also recommend having some bug repellant to keep away pesky mosquitoes and other insects. 
  • Some ziplock bags are great for toiletries or to store wet clothes in between travel days.
  • A small torch/flashlight can come in handy when you’re camping.
  • Lastly – don’t forget your camera!  If you’ve got a good quality smart phone then that can be fine, though make sure you don’t spend too much time on it!  Waterproof casings are great and go pros if you have one.  Don’t forget the charger or an adapter.  You can usually buy an adapter at the airport or a pharmacy if you forget.

We hope these tips will help you pack your bag and get ready for an awesome trip!

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