We can make a difference — we can change people’s lives — more information and flexible travel options will give people experiences that are so eye opening that they think about the environment, their place in the global economy, their impact on future generations, all while having a mind-blowing time.

Loka is a social enterprise – we work with small local operators where possible, we work with communities so that they are ready to accept visitors, we make social activity part of our content – we bring in new things as needed. We aim to bring benefits to the remote places we visit – you will be a crucial part of the actual benefits achieved through taking on local projects.

Our commitment to finding and training new people, as well as working with people in smaller communities to help them receive visitors in a sustainable way, brings huge benefit to people who often otherwise wouldn’t be involved in the tourism industry.

—Visiting communities in remote places benefits the regions, which often need it the most, while giving you the most authentic experience.

—Loka travellers, our guides, and people in the places we visit have the ability to submit ideas for things to do (or recommend things they’ve done). This gives you access to the widest range of activity options over our routes and helps ensure that we spread the financial benefits of your travel to many operators.

—Our technology platform allows you to get even more involved, if you wish, as it gives everyone a place to access and list everything from work experience and general volunteering to special projects where extra help is needed.

—Your rating, reviewing and submitting of ideas ensures that other travellers can be as informed as possible of the options over our routes, all while ensuring that Loka is as authentic and fresh as it possibly can be.

—We are connected globally (via our hashtag #travelwithmeaning) with other travel operators and travellers who want to meet locals and have authentic, involved tourism experiences rather than just tick the mainstream boxes.

Our trips are fluid – for example there are Rodeos twice a month over our route in Australia. instead of rigorously sticking to the itinerary, we include them when they are on. Using our unique mobile app and website you are able to see constantly updated content as you go.  Get involved in a volunteer project, whether that be environmental, social or even disaster relief; or take advantage of one-off trips found periodically such as music festivals or riding with real Jackaroos on a multi-day mustering trip in outback New South Wales, Australia.

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