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Keeping on travelling?  We’ve got some great deals and recommendations if you’re travelling to New Zealand / Bali or South East Asia.  Please contact us directly – email yo@loka.travel if you have any questions about any of these products.


If you liked Loka, you’ll love Stray New Zealand. They’re on the same mission is to get you further off the beaten track, giving you authentic, local experiences that will blow you away. To name a few… an overnight stay on a real marae (Maori meeting ground), surfing lessons on a black sand beach, getting into farm-life at a remote high country station with a focus on conservation, a wildlife stop-over on Stewart Island, bungy jumping the world’s first commercial bungy and much, much more.

Offer:  5% off all New Zealand passes!  Contact yo@loka.travel to book.


If you’re heading to the exotic lands of South-East Asia, then we recommend Stray Asia. They’re set on getting you further off the beaten track, taking you to places that will, quite simply, blow you away. Marvel at the striking White Temple in Northern Thailand, journey through Kong Lor’s 7 km cave by long boat to discover a beautiful valley, travel inside an old American bomb shell (“bomb boat”) near Tha Bak, sample crab on the island of Koy Tunsay, and explore the world’s largest cave networks in Vietnam.

Stray pioneers into the remote landscapes of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia and Myanmar.

Offer: 5% off all Southeast Asia passes!  Contact yo@loka.travel to book.


Find your Mojo and live the ultimate surf lifestyle in this tropical island paradise.  Mojosurf offers Bali Arrival Packages, Bali Surf & Stay Packages and their amazing 6 – 8 Day Guided Surf Adventures through Bali and its islands.
Suitable for beginner to intermediate surfers, you’ll travel to beautiful beaches, visit local villages, enjoy some tasty Indonesian food, and make some lifelong friends while you sip on cold beers at sunset.

Contact yo@loka.travel to get some great deals from our Mojo buddies, yewww!

We’ve got travel contacts around the world from our years of experience – feel free to contact us about any other country or place in Australia if you’ve got the travel bug and going to keep on living the dream! We’d love to help!